Bob Shipway

'I couldn't thank Bob enough for the work he did with me on restoring my confidence and self-belief'

Louise White, Business Development Manager

Bob is a musician, singer and sometime songwriter who has made his living as an electrician, draughtsman, engineer, manager, facilitator, change agent and coach, to name but a few of his ‘day jobs’. He plays bass guitar, guitar, mandolin, drums and percussion. A member of the Musicians’ Union since 1968, he has worked freelance and in numerous groups since the age of twelve. Bob is happiest when he is experiencing the ‘natural high’ produced when musicians, singers and performers are ‘in the zone’. He enjoys working in co-operative and collaborative environments so he was therefore very pleased when he teamed up with daughter Kate to work together to deliver the Singing In… series of musical holidays and associated events.


Bob believes all people are creative. It is just the degree and style of creativity that differs between people. He is the lead practitioner and coach in the creativity and innovation consultancy Walk to the Edge.


Comments on working with Bob...

'Bob's positive energy rubs off his colleagues and his clients, which encourages everyone to be creative and collaborative.'

Prof Sa'ad Medhat, CEO of The Innovation Institute

'Bob's enthusiasm for creativity and innovation is infectous.'

Anna Walker, Innovation Manager

'Bob has a gentle, yet engaging style of

facilitating others on complex problems, usingboth a directive and a non-directive style as appropriate to the situation, the people and the task at hand.'

Peter Cook, MD Human Dynamics and best

selling author on Creativity and Innovation 

'Bob's kind supportive coaching style, combined with his perceptive skills and analytical mind, provide a strong place for his clients to reflect.'

Penelope Parish, Executive Coach

'I had the honour of working directly alongside Bob for 7 months and what can I say apart from it was probably the best 7 months working experience I have ever had, and what I got from it was invaluable. Bob is very family and community orientated and has a captivating aura about him which brings a comfortble, friendly, as well as safe environment.'

Aleksander Urosevic, Principle EMC Engineer, MBDA

'Bob's dedication to innovation is total: while he

has always had a clear idea of the outcomes he is looking for, he is always open to new ways that these could be delivered, allowing other people to engage their own creativity.'

Lilly Haines-Gadd, MD Oxford Creativity and

author of TRIZ for Dummies

Things Bob likes:

Food, listening to music, wine, walking, reading, singing, fun, malt whisky, time with family, friends, laughing, Italy, hearing about new things, ideas and approaches, playing music, storytelling, sunshine, Paris, idea generation, well run meetings and workshops, watching cricket, collaborative working, Italian ice-cream...

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